About Us

March for Science Albuquerque is a diverse, community-built and community-driven grassroots group that champions science for the common good. We call for our leaders and policymakers to promote evidence-based policies in the public interest. We are committed to seeing a future where science is embraced in public life and policy-making and where more people enjoy access to and benefits of science. We are comprised of many scientists, educators, science communicators, students, organizers, partners, allies, and concerned citizens working to improve the role of science in policy and how it serves our communities. We strive to be transformative, adaptive, and effective in our vision and goals.

Our objectives include strengthening the role of science in policy, encouraging public engagement with science, and fostering a diverse and inclusive scientific community.

March for Science Albuquerque is organized and operates as an exclusively charitable and educational purposes as limited by 26 U.S.C.S. ยง 501(c)(3).