Vote for Science ABQ

Knowledge is power.

Build knowledge. Build power.

Last year, you marched for science. This year, we’re excited to VOTE FOR SCIENCE, too.

This year, NM is poised to elect a new Governor, all 70 state House representatives, and a handful of other important state executive positions. As we consider the opportunities and decisions that our lawmakers have to make on our behalf, let’s be sure science is a rigorous part of the debate and conversation at every level.

Learn more, and join the campaign to empower Albuquerque voters with important information about the science qualifications, positions, and priorities of political candidates running for office. Don’t wait until fall! We have primary elections coming up June 5, 2018, and the outcomes of that will determine the party’s nominees for the general election in November. New volunteers and creative ideas are *highly encouraged*.

Strengthen science and community here at home. Pledge to vote for science, and stay connected to the campaign. Stand up for science. Show up for democracy.